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Interiors & Décor is a B2B publication focused on the Architecture & Interiors Décor space and is fast gaining popularity among Architects, Interior Decorators, Hardware Suppliers & Civil Contractors, Builders & Developers, Project Consultants, and CEOs & Decision Makers in the Real Estate & Construction community in India.

Interiors & Décor mission is to bring its readers the latest news in the Architecture & Interiors Décor space and provide an in-depth analysis of happenings and emerging trends important to the sector. The magazine is an easy-to-read publication that presents the latest news, views, and happenings in India and across the globe. In the age of information technology and the Internet, company executives are bombarded with a load of information that is too much in volume with very little time to absorb the essentials. Therefore we distill all this information into an informed synopsis which gives you maximum information in minimum words, which makes

Interiors & Décor a quick and easy ready for CXOs who have little time to spare and read on the fly!

Interiors & Décor has a holistic coverage of the Architecture & Interiors Décor space which helps Architects, Interior Decorators, Civil Contractors, Project Consultants etc. to keep abreast of the latest developments, providing them with a valuable database to help them make informed decisions quickly and correctly. Apart from bringing you breaking news about the interior décor space, we give you an in-depth analysis of emerging trends in the global and Indian markets, and also provide you with Market Intelligence, Sector Profiles, Buyers’ Guide, Special Supplements, and Best Practices adopted by Best-in-Class Companies. We constantly track the latest trends in cutting-edge technology; such as new construction & decorative materials, joining technologies, glues & adhesives, decorative glass & profiles, architectural hardware, cutting, finishing & polishing power tools, and new products and processes. You will also find coverage of IT applications including CAD for designing and modeling, and enterprise solutions like ERP, SCM, CRM etc.

Interiors & Décor is also a forum for Architects and Interior Decorators to showcase their Projects and voice their views and opinions. We regularly carry interviews and contributed articles written by Thought Leaders in their fields, such as in Design & Modeling, Architecture & Interior Décor, Project Management, and Technology. It is also a platform for companies to showcase their new products & services and publish Case Studies of immediate interest to our readers.

Interiors & Décor Readership Profile:

Civil Engineers & Architects, Planners, Designers, Real-Estate & Property Developers, Material & Component Suppliers, Civil Contractors, Technical Consultants, Contractors & Builders, Engineering Consultants, Procurement and Purchase Managers, Interior Designers, and Civil Engineers and other Decision Makers crucial to the Architecture and Interior Décor space.