Emerson Helping In The Growth Of Infrastructure By Showing Interest In Long Distance Railways And Metro Lines

By setting up the cold chain facility in Chakan, Pune, Emerson is helping the reduction of food wastage in India, along with cold chain development the company is also taking interest in writing the growth story of infrastructure by participating in long distance railways and metro lines projects. During the media briefing at Emerson, Chakan, Pune office, Sridar Narayanswami, Vice President and Director- India, Emerson’s Commercial & Residential Solutions, Platform shares about his company contribution in the growth of the country.

Emerson is taking interest at long distance railways, metro lines are rapidly increasing. How your organization helping in the growth by participating in all this major development?
We have had a rich history of working with railways and  metros globally –we are the leaders in the space of providing air conditioning solutions – trains moving all through the year at different speeds, height constraints – a high proportion of air condition coached in the country are cooled using our compressors – many of the prestigious metro projects in the country including the Delhi metro have a  very significant proportion of our compressors cooling those metro rails – always thinking ahead and finding solution – the Mumbai suburban rail – piloted an air conditioned local train – our compressors are being used – the height restrictions required the cooling unit to be simple and we provided unique compressors and it has been successful – we will continue to work with the mass rapid transport in general.

Smart solutions to centers, how do you monitor and track cold chain activities from a single location and make course corrections if required?
In developed countries like US, Australia there is a lot of tracking, monitoring emphasized – we have a centre in Manila that provides this service – it is used heavily – successfully to keep energy and maintenance cost down – since it can predict what could fail and fix it in advance – know whether the alarm is genuine or a false alarm – used by customers globally – in India still evolving – customers will want It eventually in the future– awareness is going up – exporters are using this technology – data logger to make sure the producers maintained quality of the products such as vaccines etc. – centrally a monitoring set – we’ll get there – Is it used heavily globally? Yes and also successfully.
Sizes of the cold chain set up, Multi commodity rise, people investing in best in class equipment – customers are progressive and smart.

How Emerson is helping India to grow, how these two cold chains will be able to fulfill the needs of the cold chain. Are these two sufficient for the entire country?
A lot of stakeholders in the industry, all will have to contribute – the government, our PM, in the recent ‘mann ki baat’ – emphasized on food wastage – right from that level – we’ve got some very important nodal bodies – NCCD, NHB are really promoting the cold chain – the development – in a sustainable manner – right and many have a responsible role, as Emerson we want to make our contribution by making sure that we help develop the cold chain, make available environmental friendly tech, optimize the life cycle cost, help the key stakeholders end customers, engineers, contractors, by educating them on how to use, maximize, utilize the technology, for maximum value to successfully invest and use the cold chain effectively, this is our contribution via training and educating services, project designing services, we will do what we can, but alone can we solve the food wastage in the country, would be too tall a claim, we want to partner in the journey and we are contributing, the trained people here do share a feedback that their ability to install, maintain, commission, maintain, use and optimize has gone up. It’s a journey and as we go by, we will do more.

How much have you invested in these two facilities and what are your expansion plans?
In three plus years we have invested in a second cold chain – we will open more such centers across and it is a large country .

What is the market share for cold chain for Emerson?
We don’t divulge generally because it’s not the game we’re playing – but we are market leaders by a distance – for applications like bulk milk, we have a large impact – 70kms from here, or in Ahmadabad in Mehsana – you will see what we are enabling – these coolers have this important application of taking the milk down to 4 degrees and reach dairies – how important is that bulk milk cooler – besides getting consumed locally- the whole condensing unit started off by bulk milk  cooling – we’ve worked with Amul, Mehsana dairy, that’s where we started off, but there are over a hundred dairies we work with – very large dairies – Rajasthan dairy, Mehsana dairy, Manas dairy in Surat, Gokul dairy, Prabhat dairy, we’re all over the place.

Are you looking at PPP?

The issue of standardization and tech standardization, do you think it is required for cold chain industry?
There are sound standards available – key is to follow and use them – and they will evolve – but as of now it is robust – we have gone through them – is being implemented in the newer facilities – you will find that the adherence to standards is an important part of subsidies.

What sort of subsidies and sops are available?
We’ll share it in writing with the sources which are available for food parks and cold storages.

Are the subsidies regular or are they delayed?
There are many companies and agencies that have applied it and gotten it successfully and commissioned their projects. There is plenty of thrust by the nodal bodies to drive the adoption of cold chain across the country.
For a year not the right way, due to the life period of these projects like land acquisition etc. various sectors have investments going on – we have seen investments coming up in dairy by large players – Amul in Pune for a facility – retail side – Wal-Mart – adding 50 stores, 10 in Maharashtra – logistics driven by foods and vegetables and pharmaceuticals – food parks building in momentum – pack houses, paucity of these

What is the next big overall development plan for development?
Adoption of modular technology for room air-conditioning space which is taking importance even in larger commercial building malls, movie theatres, shopping complexes, office spaces, variable speed technology, which has the potential for substantial energy saving – slew of offerings lined up for this
Phasing out of a relatively generation of refrigerants – provisions for our country to scale down by 2027-28 more environmentally refrigerants – we are partnering with large companies to bring them down to India
Nascent segments of the economy as metro rail – where there is plenty of opportunity –
Monitoring, controlling, track and remotely power and enable the full power of IoT – we have the hardware and software – and as the market gets ready, we will aim at these spaces.

What are your plans in particular for HVAC?
We design and develop products for the export market such as the middle-east; we will continue to develop those as they are too seeing higher energy standards – supporting that by making our compressors more efficient apart from what we’re doing in the domestic market.